Vrijdenkers/Freethinkers, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam NL, 2021

Tape on walls and floor of two spaces 


Vrijdenkers/ Freethinkers Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, NL, 2021

Stage design for debate


Bensdorp Cacao, Herenstraat, Bussum, NL, 2021

Steel fence/ Transparant facade for the entrance Herenstraat and Cacaostraat

Nwe Spiegelstraat_Juli2021_02K.jpg

Bensdorp Cacao, Nwe Spiegelstraat, Bussum, NL, 2021

Steel fence defining the former factory wall


Tunnel Boutenslaan, Eindhoven, NL, 2020

Paint on the walls, ceiling and retaining walls of the bicycle tunnel


Tunnel A10West, Amsterdam, NL, 2020

Painting on two 75 meters long walls underneath the A10 highway between Luchtvaartstraat and Overschiestraat

AAM SOLL 15-08-1735794 1Crop-witter.jpg

True Players, W139, Amsterdam, NL, 2015

Grid on the walls of the front and back space of the W139 in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam


Obscurity Forever, Plan B, Amsterdam, NL 2016

Tape on the walls and floor of the art space. Duo show with Daniëlle van Ark

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Squares, Muggeplein, Deventer, 2020

Cast concrete and paint