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Squares, Muggeplein, Deventer, 2020

Cast concrete and paint





High contrast object for the Muggeplein in Deventer, the Netherlands. The resident committee together with Kunstenlab wanted an artwork for this newly renovated square in the historic center of Deventer. 

This square is lined with architecture from several periods, the 17th century, the 1980's and recent townhouses. This location has not always been a square, but had many appearances and functions, through time. In the middle ages a pesthouse and hospital was housed on this spot, later when those buildings were demolished an outlay of ragged little alleys were located here. More recently a police station with cells were built on the square and demolished only a few decades later.

City of Deventer


Paint on concrete


With this work I want to recapture all the lost architectural data of this location and compress this into the archetype shape and building block, the cube. Giving a shape to the memory of all the changes this space went through in the past and possibly will go through in the future.

The work is made of cast concrete and painted in high contrast but has a un-earthy matterless apperance, it brightness seems as it doesnot obey the rules of matter. 

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