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Steel fence/ Transparant facade for the entrance Herenstraat and Cacaostraat

Bensdorp Cacao, Herenstraat, Bussum, NL, 2021

Commission   :   Municipality Gooise Meren

Intermediary  :   Bureau de Kunst

Material          :   Steel 

Metalwork      :   Folmer hekwerken

Landscape      :   Vlug P (autumn 2021)

Year                 :   2021

Transparant facade at the former Chocolate Factory Bensdorp. a monumental double frame with an entrance for pedestrians at the corner of Herenstraat and Cacaostraat. The fence or facade can be considered a line drawing, freestanding in space. In a With a reduced amount of lines it contains elements of a former factory building once standing on the premises and the former factory chimney as well as blocks of chocolate. The double layered frame makes for an optical play. 

Welded steel anthracite grey powder coated

Landscape design will be executed in autumn 2021

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