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Tunnel Boutenslaan, Eindhoven, NL, 2020

Commissioned by the city of Eindhoven through MURALS Inc






Painting of a pattern on the walls, ceiling and retaining walls of the tunnel below the Boutenslaan in Eindhoven. This underpass is intensively used by  bicyclists and  pedestrians coming from both sides. The tunnel measures 21 meters in length and is not very wide. Its appearance was unappealing and it had a problem with graffiti, apart from that safety was an issue in the tunnel.

The architectural shape of the underpass could be considered an artwork by it itself with its curved ceiling, and bend concrete entrances.  My goal was to further enhance and underline the beauty of this structure and at the same time enhance the safety in this tunnel.

City of Eindhoven

Murals Inc



Images in or on the tunnel would distract the passers-by. This design of horizontal lines consequently placed helps the cyclists to focus on their path and on each others safety. The work makes a reference to signage in an XL execution and becomes an experience.


Horizontal lines in line with the routing to take away distraction and bring focus to the routing. In this all black and white abstract world people stand out and form  colour-counter points and gain visibility this way. A high contrast work of this order has a way to ‘enhance’ people.


Executed in bright white to reflect the natural light and anthracite black paint. The mural was then finished with a topcoat of an anti-grafitti coating.

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