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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL, 2007

 'Drawing Typologies' 

For the exhibition 'Drawing Typologies' at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam an installation with black tape on four walls of a space.

'The boundaries of reality' by Roel Arkesteijn

Aam Solleveld uses tape to draw graphic patterns on the walls of galleries and museums. Solleveld puts the spotlight on the white wall, which normally act as if they are not really there so that all attention can be focused on the artworks presented. Here lines of tape transform the walls into interiors and facades. Thus, two spaces emerge: An actual one and a drawn one. These two spaces communicate with each other and can be observed in alternation. 

After originally focusing on installations, Solleveld decided to turn her attention completely towards drawing in 1997. She first drew on A4 sheets of paper, but quickly moved to larger formats. She hung sheets of paper next to each other in order to construct even bigger drawn worlds, so that, eventually, the whole wall became het work surface and she started drawing with tape.  Solleveld does not let boundaries restrict her. She unites opposites such as the flat and the three -dimensional, abstraction and figuration, instrument and presentation.

Each time, she questions how we experience reality. Her sober tape and graphite drawings often represent  'media spaces' as she calls the. TV and radio studios which constantly work to create new realities. In other drawings she attempts to make visible the emotional significance we ascribe to spaces around us by giving them a darker , almost scratched filling-in of graphite. 'I show what is human in everyday things'she explains. It is a type of humanity that the vieuwer projects upon the objects, just as you can see an interior cityscape in an abstract pattern of lines. 

'Drawing Typologies – Voorstel tot Gemeentelijke Kunstaankopen presenteert dertig hedendaagse kunstenaars die in Nederland wonen en werken en die zich op de meest uiteenlopende manieren van het medium tekenen bedienen. In de vorm van vijf typologieën wordt geschetst hoe kunstenaars het tekenen als artistieke strategie inzetten binnen hun werk. Niet alleen worden zo dertig radicale posities binnen de Nederlandse tekenkunst voorgesteld, ook wordt duidelijk gemaakt wat tekenen tot zo’n bijzondere, aantrekkelijke discipline maakt. De tentoonstelling is samengesteld door gastconservator Roel Arkesteijn.

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