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True Players, W139, Amsterdam, NL, 2015

Grid on the walls of the front and back space of the W139 in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam.

A site specific work on the walls and floor of the W139 for 'True Players' curated by Suzanne Posthumus. This work had three phases, first with the help of a team a grid was taped on the walls and floor of the art space.

Then for the group exhibition works of the other artist were placed in the grid, on walls or on the floor. Around some works the grid would open to make  space. 

The starting point for this exhibition was a game, a board game 'Cluedo'. A two dimensional board that represents a three dimensional space like a house or a mansion. In that perception all the artworks served as clues and were in that sense connected to each other.


The grid system contained, in a way, all the artworks, and similar to the other artworks remained an autonomous work at the same time. After the exhibition when all the works were removed a third stage of the work emerged. 

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