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Glass Panels Rabobank van Baerlestraat, Amsterdam, 2015

Patterns and fade on glass 

Commission   :   Rabobank

Architect         :   Martin Eijkelenboom

Material          :   Glass

Year                 :   2015

Commissioned by Rabobank and architect Martin Eijkelenboom I made a design for the large glass walls of the three floor levels and the atrium of the newly renovated Rabobank at the van Baerlestraat in Amsterdam.

To provide privacy in the meeting rooms and workspaces, an overall, seemingly, continuous  pattern was placed over these glass walls on all three floor levels. On a single layer of glass a pattern of 'squares in squares' was applied, a line drawing which then merged into the same pattern in diapositive. A fade created more transparency where possible and more diffusion and privacy where needed. 

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