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Glass Walls Rabobank Dam, Amsterdam, 2015

Patterns and fade on glass 





Architects Martin Eijkelenboom and Gillian Schrofer were commissioned to renovate the historic location of Rabobank at the Dam in Amsterdam, In order for the natural day light to enter the building as much as possible. The six  meeting rooms are partitioned from the 25 meter long hallway  with large double glass walls reaching from floor to ceiling. To provide the needed privacy for clients and at the same time let as much daylight through as possible into the hallway I made a pattern design that made use of both glass layers. On one panel a line design and the diapositive of that design on the other panel,


Architect Martin Eijkelenboom/ Concern



As you walk by the patterns shift and create new perspectives. A fade in and -out was used to create even more transparency at the bottom and top.

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